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About the Lerchendal Conference

The Lerchendal Conference has its roots back in the 1970’s and is an annual high-level conference which aims to put the most urgent topics for business and society on the national agenda. As a platform where leading stakeholders from business, politics and research meet to discuss, strike partnerships and take initiatives, the aim is for the conference to contribute to societal change balancing the social, ecological and economic dimensions.

The participation is “by invitation only” and gathers business leaders from the largest and most important businesses in Norway as well as representatives from politics and academia.

The conference runs of over two half-days and has a permanent banquet dinner on the evening after the first day of the conference at theArchbishops’ residence in Trondheim. The conference is located in Trondheim, which popularly is referred to as “the technological capital of Norway” as it is the home of SINTEF, which is one of Europe’s largest research institutes as well as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The conference is organised by the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, SINTEF, as well as the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals.

Lerchendal Conference 2017 – Digital force for change

Lerchendalkonferansen 2017 is an arena for dialogue for research environments, authorities and business on the possibilities and risks linked to the tools for digital force for change.

How does digitization contribute to better decisions, services and productivity? What role does digital force for change play in the green shift? What kind of leader challenges and demands for competence do different generations meet in a society where digital tools play an increasing role? These are the main questions addressed at the conference.

You will meet top politicians from both Sweden and Norway, young entrepreneurs and experienced leaders. You will gain insight into concrete digitization cases with transfer value for both business and society.

Professionally strong knowledge communities are a prerequisite for Norway’s competitiveness. Research and innovation are central to promoting the possibilitites and overcoming the challenges of digitization.

How can automatization, big data, artificial intelligence and sensor technology best benefit both business and society as a whole? What ethical dilemmas do we face? How to ensure data security and privacy? These are some of the questions explored from the scene and around the tables.

Digital force for change is primarily about people – about you and me – and about how we meet each other in light of our meeting with technology.

The conference organizers welcome all participants to a “mini-Davos”, with roundtable discussions.

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