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About the Lerchendal Conference

The Lerchendal Conference has its roots back in the 1970’s and is an annual high-level conference which aims to put the most urgent topics for business and society on the national agenda. As a platform where leading stakeholders from business, politics and research meet to discuss, strike partnerships and take initiatives, the aim is for the conference to contribute to societal change balancing the social, ecological and economic dimensions.

The participation is “by invitation only” and gathers business leaders from the largest and most important businesses in Norway as well as representatives from politics and academia.

The conference runs of over two half-days and has a permanent banquet dinner on the evening after the first day of the conference at theArchbishops’ residence in Trondheim. The conference is located in Trondheim, which popularly is referred to as “the technological capital of Norway” as it is the home of SINTEF, which is one of Europe’s largest research institutes as well as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The conference is organised by the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, SINTEF, as well as the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals.

Lerchendal Conference 2020

The Value of Data 

This year’s Lerchendal Conference is about the value of data and how to secure data flows, data sharing and data processing, both in the private and public sectors.

Several key Norwegian players are trying to take on international roles in this new value chain that collects, processes and shares data. Current issues that need to be clarified are:

  • Ethics, ownership, standardization, data quality, security, risk, international data against national data, competitive advantages and synergies in the value chain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • What regulations do we need for private players who exchange data with public companies?
  • How can data from hydropower, oil and gas, maritime activities, transport, health care and geology be used for public and private use?

It is a big topic, but at Lerchendal the big questions will be asked even if we do not always have clear answers. Tradition believes we will combine dialogue on this theme with relevant posts from experienced actors.

Through inspirational speeches and challenging conversations, the Lerchendal Conference wants to contribute new insights and highlight possible strategies for understanding and getting the most out of our valuable data. Business, research, politics and government must act together now to ensure that these values ​​are distributed in a way that provides the greatest possible social benefit.

At the conference you will meet experienced leaders from both the private and public sectors, top politicians, entrepreneurs, professors and skilled trade experts. An excellent opportunity to connect new networks and maintain old ones.

Professional and strong knowledge environments are prerequisites for Norway to stay competitive. Research, innovation and constant building of new competences are central to promoting opportunities and meeting the challenges we face.

The organizers welcome you to the conference with an opportunity for a round table discussion.


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